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29.06.2019 - Lothringair Aachen / 06.30 pm / Info

25.08.2019 - KIMIKO Isle of Art / Info


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Not so long ago IN VALLIS have written and produced songs for established artists which has landed them two albums in the top 5 of the German album charts. In recent years IN VALLIS played several big tours and festivals in Germany, like Hurricane/Southside, Deichbrand and Novarock, as a backing band. With the opulence of these experiences and the thereby set grounded base the time had come to work on their own music.

Far away from the big city and modern society, the four-headed, homonymous band works on indie-pop songs using an extensive instrumentarium. Miraculous Moog melodies, peculiar brasssamples, an untuned piano, catchy guitarhooks and analog 80’s synthesizers are accompanied by lots of rhythm and poetic vocals.


In 2018 IN VALLIS dissociated in a small music studio in the Belgian Ardennes where they took the time to reflect. Leaning on countless song ideas it was then and there that they delivered their first ‘own’ EP.




+49 151 23 000 858


+49 172 241 421 0

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